HTML5 Notifications

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Not supported

Sorry, to keep it simple and prevent exceptions, this demonstration uses the vendor-specific window.webkitNotifications, which of all the Webkit-browsers is currently only supported by Google Chrome.

For information on the use of window.mozNotifications, check Mozilla's wiki. It's very similar to Webkit's implementation, but lacks HTML notifications.


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Request permission

Notifications are different from regular pop-ups in that they require the user's permission to be shown.

Notice that the request permission dialog only shows after user interaction (e.g. clicking a button). If you're adding this to a Chrome Extension, just add the 'notifications' permission and you're all set.

Show notification

HTML5 Notifications come in two flavors: plain text and HTML. Plain text allows you to customize a couple of parameters, HTML shows any .html file you want as a notification.

The examples below are very simple. I didn't even add a timeout to make them disappear after a set amount of time (which you probably should).

Plain text

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This seems to have been deprecated July 13th, 2012.

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