AirTube is now available

February 2013

“How often do you watch Web Videos on sites like YouTube, Vimeo or TED? Wouldn’t it be awesome to just play those videos on your Apple TV and continue using your Mac?”, asking ourselves this question is how we came up with AirTube.

AirTube is now available

We wanted to make an app that would allow you to stream all those MP4 videos you can find on the web today to your Apple TV. Without needing to go into Apple TV apps or getting your iPhone/iPad, but just from your browser on your Mac. It’s so nice to just be able to play that long talk on Vimeo or TED on your Apple TV, by dragging the link onto AirTube.

The link parsing is done by a project called quvi. The Apple TV only works with MP4 streams, so not every site supported by quvi will work with AirTube. We’ve tested them and added a list of sites that work out of the box here.

The app is now available for a reduced (beta) price!

AirTube app icon


Web Videos on your Apple TV, hassle free

Stream YouTube, Vimeo, TED and quite a few other Web Videos to your Apple TV. Straight from your Mac's browser; no iPad, iPhone or Jailbreak required.

Discontinued macOS Video AirPlay