Coucou for easy network access

March 2013

Network devices can broadcast various services, so other devices can find them. You’ve probably used this feature before without knowing about it. When you start a Screen Sharing session or browse some files on a network your computer picked up on what other computers in your network were broadcasting.

While its already pretty easy to find these services in Finder, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could do this from your menu bar? Or connect to web servers, SSH, printers, see who’s in and even create your own services? That’s when you need coucou!

Coucou sits in your menu bar

Coucou is out of your way but easy to reach

See who's online

See who’s online and easily start Screen Sharing of File Sharing

Browse printers

Browse printers and open the web management page

Are you a web developer? Check out this post about using coucou to streamline local web development.

Available on the Mac App Store

coucou app icon


Your whole network at your finger tips

With coucou you have every device on your network at your finger tips.

Discontinued macOS Networking