Relax automatically mutes your internal speakers and pauses music apps when you disconnect headphones.

An avatar that shows AirPods taken of of its ears

Mute automatically 🔇

Disconnecting your headphones or speakers from your Mac automatically selects the Internal Speakers. Any sound that was playing before is now shared with everyone around you.

Your Cyndi Lauper playlist? Yea, that's no longer a secret.

Rely on Relax 🍹

It monitors your default audio output and takes action when it notices you switch back to your internal speakers. Whether it's dead batteries, wired or wireless.

Works with wireless and wired headphones 🎧

Even Apple's AirPods are supported. If any output device gets disconnected Relax has got your back.

Battery dies halfway through your Dubstep set? Relax makes sure your disco stays private.

A screenshot of Relax' actions settings

Pause music apps 🎵

Besides muting the volume, Relax can pause playback for some apps.

  • Spotify
  • iTunes / Apple Music
  • YouTube playing in Chrome* (experimental)

I'll be adding more apps to the list every update.

*: Enable "Allow JavaScript from Apple Events" under ViewDeveloper in Chrome.

A screenshot of Relax' Tip Jar

Support free software 🌴

Relax is free to use. Consider using the Tip Jar in the app to support its development.


  • Mutes internal speakers when headphones disconnect or unplug.
  • Pauses Spotify & iTunes / Apple Music automatically.
  • Works with wired and wireless headphones and speakers.