It's Danger Cove's birthday!

October 2013

I’m writing this from my studio in The Hague. It’s been quite an adventure from when Danger Cove started October first 2011. An expedition that delivered four released apps, one in progress (more on that in a future post) and a whole bunch of projects that looked cool at first, but now live in a folder called “shelved” ;).

Danger Cove turns two today! Porthole and AirVLC are 40% off to celebrate!

It feels awesome that Danger Cove apps are being used by more people than I could hope for. Thanks so much to the wonderful people that took the time to spread the word about them. I appreciate it a lot.

To celebrate, both Porthole and AirVLC are 40% off today! I assume you already got that from the header image though. The offer will end October 2nd at 12pm CET.