Control your AirPlay speakers remotely with Porthole

April 2015

Being able to remotely control my AirPlay setup from the comfort of my couch has been at the top of my feature request list forever, so I’m very excited to say that it’s now a feature in Porthole!

Porthole Remote

I’ve added Porthole to the collection of apps that work with the remarkable Unified Remote. Unified Remote is an app made by Unified Intents that allows you to remotely control many features of your Mac and a whole bunch of third-party apps, now including Porthole.

The remote lets you turn AirPlay speakers on and off, toggle the computer speaker and adjust the main volume from any iOS, Android and Windows phone or tablet that’s on the same wireless network as your Mac.

Porthole app icon


AirPlay all audio to multiple speakers

Play all audio from your Mac through multiple AirPlay speakers at the same time.

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