Play all audio from your Mac through multiple AirPlay speakers at the same time.

iOS 11 and macOS 10.13 High Sierra both add multi-room AirPlay support to the operating sytem, making Porthole redundant.

Thanks for your support through all these years and enjoy the solution Apple has provided us with!

Listen to music through multiple speakers simultaneously

Multiple Speakers, Simultaneously

Take advantage of every AirPlay output and play tunes around your home, in sync.

All audio, including your favorite music player

All Audio

Including your favorite music player. Easily AirPlay Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, SoundCloud, Grooveshark, Simfy, Deezer. Really anything.

Use quick keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Porthole provides an easy way to control multiple devices using the Porthole Speaker Panel.

AirPlay for everyone

AirPlay for Everyone

Porthole works on post 2007 Macs running Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan and Sierra. In other words, from macOS 10.7 up to 10.12!

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Convenient and Out of Your Way

Porthole's main goals are to be elegant and make AirPlaying Spotify and other music services as easy as it should be.

Need help? Follow the Quick Start Guide or contact support.

AirPlay + Your Mac's Speakers

Play through your Mac's output while you're streaming. All the wireless receivers and your Mac will even play in sync!

Syncing is supported by the AirPort Express, Apple TV, licensed speakers and receivers and a number of apps. Download the trial to test your setup.

Convenient and out of Your Way

Adjust the Volume per Speaker

Use the volume keys on your keyboard to alter the main AirPlay volume. Even the mute button just works.

Think some of your speakers are a little too loud or too soft? Adjust their output by going into Preferences → Volume.

Adjust the Volume per Speaker

What Others Say

On Twitter

In the Media

While you can stream your iTunes audio over AirPlay – that’s it. Pandora, Rdio, Spotify, or users of any other audio app are out of luck. That’s where Porthole comes in, it’s a nifty little utility that lets you stream all of your Mac’s audio over AirPlay.

— Alex Arena (

Porthole adds an item to your menu bar that transfers your system audio to an AirPort Express with one click. It's a piece of cake.

— Adam Pash (

Remote Control

Adjust your speaker settings or the volume away from your Mac by using the convenient remote control. Don't get up from your couch to manage Porthole!

The remote works with both the trial and full version of Porthole. Separate $0,99 purchase through Unified Remote. Read more...

Remote Control

Save Clicks With the Speaker Panel

Start or stop streaming without taking your mind off what you're doing by toggling speakers with the press of a button.

Use Porthole's hotkey activated Speaker Panel to manage your setup, sans mouse.

Save Clicks With the Speaker Panel

Porthole is Scriptable

Use AppleScript (and JavaScript in Yosemite) to toggle speakers on or off and implement all kinds of cool tricks.

Read the Scripting Tutorial to get started.

Porthole is Scriptable