Toggluv is built for speed. Log your hours to Toggl and get on with your work. Currently in beta and available for preview.

An animated gif showing how to log hours into Toggluv
Logging hours in Toggl.


It takes literally five seconds to log some hours.

You can work even faster if you use the keyboard shortcut.


Toggluv offers a native look and feel, with keyboard access and shortcuts.

Starting Toggluv and logging hours has never been sleeker.


Log some hours and you're done. No need to click around menus.

Clear feedback lets you know if your hours where logged successfully. 🙌

Screenshot of the main interface of Toggluv, with a task filled out.
It's super easy to use.
Shows the preferences screen of Toggluv
Just setup your Toggl account and you're ready to go.

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  • Quick, customizable keyboard shortcut.
  • Operated entirely by your keyboard.
  • Works with multiple workspaces.