These are the biggest music streaming services worldwide

October 2014

YourEDM posted about a study Billboard published last week, in which they ranked music services by their paid subscribers.

Spotify came out on top, with over ten million subscribers worldwide.

Spotify, of course, was #1. But what about the other seven? The only other ones I recognize on the list are Rhapsody, Sony Radio Unlimited, and Google Play All Access. The others seem to be much more prevalent and well-established in other parts of the world such as Mexico, Europe and South America.

- YourEDM

While developing Denied I had no doubt in my mind that Spotify should be the first service it supports, but the localized popularity of music streaming services makes it tougher than you might expect to determine which service to add the list.

Billboard overview of biggest music streaming services worldwide

Source: [YourEDM](YourEDM, Billboard

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