Need to share some files, or a screen? Want to manage a printer via its web interface? Maybe even check out that website your colleague is working on. Coucou makes it super easy to perform these tasks.

Coucou did all that and it also gave you a nice overview of which devices (and their owners) are currently present on the network.

A screenshot of coucou exposing a Rails server

Broadcast your web project to Safari

April 2013

Coucou is now available

April 2013

Coucou for web developers

March 2013

Coucou for easy network access

March 2013

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Beautiful images of code

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Generate gorgeous images from your code snippets. Ready to save or share.

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Skips terrible music

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Denied saves your ears from Nickelback or any other band, song or album. It sees what you're playing and automatically skips songs that you dislike.

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Mutes internal speakers

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Relax automatically mutes your internal speakers and pauses music apps when you disconnect headphones.