AirPlay is a delightful protocol to stream audio for audiophiles; it favors audio quality over real-time output. This makes it great for music and worthless for anything that synchronizes video with the audio, like videos.

AirVLC compensated for this by playing the video in VLC and outputing the audio over AirPlay with the proper delay.

A promotional image showing casting to audio to multiple devices

Downloading AirVLC

If you’ve purchased a license to AirVLC before, you might be interested in downloading the latest version.

Download AirVLC

Remember that new licenses can’t be bought and support is limited.

Do you use VLC? Try this:

Pipvid app icon


Snaps videos to any corner

Pipvid added a picture-in-picture mode to VLC and QuickTime. Ideal for watching videos in the corner of your screen while working other stuff.

macOS Video QuickTime VLC Discontinued