Shows a video running in every corner of the screen

Snaps to any corner

After Pipvid is activated, the player windows of both VLC and QuickTime will be magnetized and snap to any corner of any screen attached to your Mac.

Screenshots from Sintel © copyright Blender Foundation


Keep a video running while working on other tasks.

  • Play a tutorial video while you work on the example project.
  • Transcribe the contents of an interview.
  • Simply enjoy your favorite series while you browse the internet.
Shows a desktop coding along with a video playing in the bottom right corner
Shows a video floating above a Notes window

Floats on top

Pipvid will automatically toggle Floats on Top for VLC and QuickTime when activated.

Works across spaces

Optionally assign QuickTime and VLC to all your desktops, making sure the window travels with you when you switch spaces.

Note: this is an experimental feature, enable it first in Preferences.

Shows a video running while switching between spaces
Shows Pipvid's preferences screen where you can modify its behavior

Customize behavior

Change settings to suit your needs. If you don't need Pipvid's functionality, simply use the menu bar icon to turn it off temporarily.

Latest news

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  • Snaps the player window to any corner of any screen.
  • Automatically toggles float-on-top.
  • Automatically shows the window on all spaces.
  • Compatible with VLC for its excellent video playback options.
  • Compatible with QuickTime because it's already on your Mac.