Denied version 1.3.0 came out today

February 2016

An update was long overdue and the Spotify album art issue was really getting on my nerves. So, here it is: Denied version 1.3.0!

  • Denied displays Spotify album art again!
  • Instead of just using the slider, you can now enter the amount of days Denied should remember Repeating Songs.
  • Updated the update framework.
  • Brought the rest of the project into 2016 ;).
  • Bugs were fixed, performance was tweaked.

The update is live on the Mac App Store.

Control your AirPlay speakers remotely with Porthole

April 2015

Being able to remotely control my AirPlay setup from the comfort of my couch has been at the top of my feature request list forever, so I’m very excited to say that it’s now a feature in Porthole!

Porthole Remote

I’ve added Porthole to the collection of apps that work with the remarkable Unified Remote. Unified Remote is an app made by Unified Intents that allows you to remotely control many features of your Mac and a whole bunch of third-party apps, now including Porthole.

The remote lets you turn AirPlay speakers on and off, toggle the computer speaker and adjust the main volume from any iOS, Android and Windows phone or tablet that’s on the same wireless network as your Mac.

Denied featured on

April 2015

I’m super proud to say that Denied is featured on Spotify’s Developer Showcast. Which means there’s this cool page that lists a few apps that use Spotify’s developer interface and DENIED IS ON IT!

Denied on Spotify's Developer Showcase

The developer showcast highlights apps that use one or more of Spotify’s methods to control the desktop app or retrieve information from their immense song database. Denied uses AppleScript to control the OS X desktop app and uses the database to check for songs that contain explicit lyrics.

Denied on Spotify's Developer Showcase Detail Page

Spotify's completely fixed! (Almost)

April 2015

Spotify version 1.0.3 is being rolled out and AppleScript seems to be working as it should again! Well, almost. Everything works, except the album artwork. So while Denied will once again save your ears from the scum music of the earth, you can’t see what the album cover looks like.

Spotify no artwork

While the black hole of despair is actually looking quite fitting in Denied, I’ve contacted Spotify once more to go in and fix the AppleScript stuff for good this time.

Fixing Spotify

March 2015

Spotify released a pretty major update a little while ago. While they introduced all kinds of interesting new features, they also broke some old ones, like support for remote controlling the desktop client using ‘AppleScript’.

Denied uses AppleScript to retrieve information from Spotify and tell it to skip to the next song. Needless to say without AppleScript Denied is pretty bad at saving your ears in Spotify. Note that Rdio and iTunes are unaffected by the way.

Luckily the bug is pretty simple to solve and Spotify has said they’re planning to release a definitive fix pretty soon. Until then, you can use this little patch I wrote that will re-enable AppleScript with the click of a button. Super simple.

Spotify AppleScript Patch

So, if you’re experiencing any trouble using Denied with Spotify, download the patch and start saving your ears from crappy music again!