Making it move

December 2014

I’ve added some animations to the latest build of Denied.

Animations in the latest build of Denied

Rammstein on Spotify

November 2014

Some bands you hope to never hear again and some bands you’d love to listen to, but then they aren’t available on your favorite streaming platform.

Starting today Rammstein’s no longer part of that last group; Spotify has added six absolutely fabulous Rammstein albums to its collection.

I am pretty stoked about this.

Rammstein on Spotify

Source: Spotify

A new Nickelback album

November 2014

I almost forgot to write about this, but Nickelback came out with a new album this month!

The latest release from our Canadian rock friends is called “No Fixed Address” and while there’s no doubt you’re still listening to Nickelback, some of the eleven tracks actually sound a bit different.

After sitting through the entire album, I found “Miss You” the most cringeworthy song and “Get ‘M Up” quite enjoyable. The rap by Flo Rida on “Got Me Runnin’ Around” was the biggest surprise of the experience.

Verdict: “No Fixed Address” probably won’t make you a Nickelback fan if you weren’t already and I’m not removing my Nickelback-rule in Denied just yet.

Nickelback - No Fixed Address

Taylor Swift & Spotify

November 2014

Taylor Swift pulled all her songs from Spotify the other day. The reason being that she feels music streaming services are still a big experiment and her music deserves a platform that values her work more.

Although I personally don’t mind Taylor Swift pulling her songs, Spotify itself does. They’ve written a lengthy reply and shared a few pretty cool statistics.

During its existence Spotify has paid over two billion Dollars (that’s $2,000,000,000) to artists. They also mention that there are over 50 million active Spotify users, of which 12.5 million are subscribers. In the rest of the article Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek debunks a few persistent myths about music streaming services. Definitely worth a read.

Mobile Spotify remote controls desktop Spotify

November 2014

Gone are the days that you’d have to walk all the way through your house or office to pause Spotify or change the song. Spotify has added a pretty awesome feature to their Connect system.

Spotify Connect now allows you to remote control Spotify running on your desktop or laptop from your phone or tablet. The major advantage obviously being that your less mobile device is probably connected to much better speakers and can even connect to multiple AirPlay devices and other wireless setups.

The only requirement is that you have Spotify Premium, which became much more affordable with the introduction of Spotify Family a few weeks ago.

Here’s how to setup remote controlling:

  1. Grab your phone or tablet and start Spotify;
  2. Start playing your favorite tune;
  3. Open Spotify on your desktop or laptop;
  4. On your mobile device press the Spotify Connect button;

    Spotify Connect Button

  5. Select your computer from the overview;

    Select Desktop Spotify

  6. Done!

Now walk away as far as you can from your computer as your WiFi signal lets you and skip to the next song. So cool.

Source: TechCrunch