A few things I'm working on

October 2014

A new update for Denied is in the works and I’d like to share a few of the features I’m about to add. Read the full article to see what’s coming in the near future.

The way Denied works, is that it picks up when Spotify, Rdio or iTunes change to a different song and then it puts that new track past a list of mechanisms - which I’ve labeled ‘judges’. The current version only has the ‘Rules Judge’ in place, who makes sure songs that match any of the user defined rules don’t get any airtime. In the upcoming update, Rules Judge gets some company.

I hate listening to the same song twice. Unless it’s my favorite song that day, then I can listen to it all the time on repeat. Anyway, some of Spotify’s (Artist) Radios have a limited supply of songs and you’ll notice the same song playing three or four times a day. The new ‘Originality Judge’ will put an end to this. It checks if a song was played before in the past x hours and will skip tracks that aren’t original enough.

Filter explicit songs with Denied

The ‘Explicit Content Judge’ has been requested quite a few times and I’m happy to say he’s on schedule to make his appearance in the next update as well. Trying to play most Hip Hop and Rap playlists and a few of my favorite Eminem tracks is impossible when he’s on duty. Any song that’s labeled explicit will be skipped automatically.

Keep an eye out for more news and maybe a due date for this update. In the meantime, are there any judges that you’d like to see? Let me know!

Spotify Family

October 2014

I know quite a few people who share a single premium Spotify account with their partner/kids/dogs/cats so they don’t have to spend the $10/€10 a month extra per account. The drawback is that only one user/pet can use the account at the time; so if you’re blasting Queen and Azrael wants to listen to some Snoop Lion, you’re out of luck and will get cut off.

Spotify has come up with a solution for this, called Family, and it’s pretty great.

Instead of paying the full price for each user, Family comes with a discount for each extra user you connect. This means that instead of having to cough up $50 for five users, you’ll be charged only $35,99.

  • Spotify Family 2: $17.99
  • Spotify Family 3: $23.99
  • Spotify Family 4: $29.99
  • Spotify Family 5: $35.99

The even better part is that each user will have their own account, with their own preferences and favorites. A wonderful reason to stop the game of musical chairs and get everyone an account of their own.

Ready for Yosemite

October 2014

Apple released OS X version 10.10 yesterday. It’s a free update and I think most of you will want to upgrade as soon as you get the chance.

All Danger Cove apps have been tested and work beautifully with OS X Yosemite. So, don’t let Denied, Porthole, AirVLC, coucou or Reign hold you back and have fun checking out all new features Apple has added!

Denied is on sale and now supports Rdio & iTunes

October 2014

Denied’s version 1.1.0 is available for download. In addition to Spotify, it now automatically skip tracks in Rdio and iTunes as well! It also features an improved add-rule-flow that lets you create new rules much faster.

Get the update from the Mac App Store, or by checking for updates in the trial version.

Denied is on sale for a limited time for just $2.99, down from $6.99!

These are the biggest music streaming services worldwide

October 2014

YourEDM posted about a study Billboard published last week, in which they ranked music services by their paid subscribers.

Spotify came out on top, with over ten million subscribers worldwide.

Spotify, of course, was #1. But what about the other seven? The only other ones I recognize on the list are Rhapsody, Sony Radio Unlimited, and Google Play All Access. The others seem to be much more prevalent and well-established in other parts of the world such as Mexico, Europe and South America.

- YourEDM

While developing Denied I had no doubt in my mind that Spotify should be the first service it supports, but the localized popularity of music streaming services makes it tougher than you might expect to determine which service to add the list.

Billboard overview of biggest music streaming services worldwide

Source: [YourEDM](YourEDM, Billboard