Denied adds Dark Mode and skips disliked songs (in iTunes)

September 2018

Apple has released the latest version of macOS to the public. The prominent new feature Mojave introduces is a new graphical theme, that Apple has dubbed Dark Mode. It’s a gorgeous, rough, yet elegant way to present the operating system you’re familiar with. Apps that customize their interface to take full advantage of Dark Mode look right at home and feel great to use.

I’m very proud to say that Denied supports Dark Mode from day one.

Dark Mode

While updating the color palette I took the opportunity to re-evaluate all the buttons, switches and other interface elements. Denied was released in 2014 and with this release it’s more than ready for 2018 and beyond. You’ll notice that it looks stunning in a lighter theme and on previous versions of macOS as well.

Skipping disliked songs

This has been a much requested feature and I’m happy to say that it’s finally here. iTunes and Apple Music allow us to mark specific songs as disliked. It’s a quick and easy way to let iTunes know that you don’t want to hear a specific track. You’ll be surprised to learn that this doesn’t actually prevent iTunes from playing these songs, though.

With the latest update of Denied this can been corrected. If enabled, Denied will will automatically skip over songs being played on iTunes or Apple Music if they’re disliked.

A similar feature exists in Spotify, but the property isn’t accessible to third-party applications (like Denied). I’m regularly checking if this changes.

Skipping explicit songs updated

I’ve switched to a new way of checking songs for explicit content. This updated method should be more reliable with more people using Denied every day. I tested it thoroughly and didn’t notice any downsides.

If you do pick up on a negative (or positive!) change in how Denied handles explicit tracks, send me a message.

Get version 1.5 now

I’m pretty stoked about this update and I think you’ll be too. Get version 1.5 in the App Store and consider leaving a five star review while you’re there. Reviews are immensely helpful in getting more people to notice Denied, plus it’ll make my day.

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Shipped an update!

July 2018

Denied has been my favorite project since it first came out in 2014. Still, it took a while for this update to arrive. The main reason for the gap in releases is that Denied has been working really, really well for me (and quite a few of you!). It’s been stable (more on that in a bit) and feature-wise it was hard to work on anything new without overhauling the app. I’m commited to change that, though! (The part about not wanting to overhaul the app, obviously. Keeping it stable would be nice.)

Maybe you’ve heard of Apple’s latest iteration of macOS called Mojave, due for release this fall. Besides a lot of behind-the-scenes upgrades, it comes with a brand new Dark Mode. I’m stoked about making Denied look awesome with it enabled.

Keynote in macOS Mojave's Dark Mode

The update I just released also addresses a bug that could cause Denied to crash. According to my information this was the only one in the app and I’m happy that it’s resolved. A side effect is that there’s now a new option: “Pause When Filter Fails” which is off by default. This preference let’s you indicate if you want to pause playback if Denied is unable to execute a filter. Currently, this only applies to the ‘Skip explicit songs’ filter as it could fail to retrieve the information from the internet.

That’s it for now. Contact me on Twitter via @deniedapp for comments, questions or feedback. I’d love to hear from you.

Oh, one last thing: it would be great if you could review Denied on the App Store. Reviews really help me spread the word about Denied. Thanks!

Got a new domain name

May 2018

Google recently announced it would start selling .app domain names. Of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to register

I like it so much that I’ve changed it to be the default. So, if you tell your friends to check out Denied, you can just direct them to Denied dot app. 👌

Import and export rules

December 2016

I’ve always wanted for Denied to become a way to share your distate for certain bands, artists, songs and musical genres.

Last week I released Denied v1.4.0 which adds the option to export your existing rules and import those in any other copy of Denied. With this being the Holiday season, it might be the perfect time to compile your list of worst Christmas songs and share them with your friends and family.

The process is as easy as launching Denied, clicking the menu bar icon, selecting “Manage Rules” and then clicking either “Export Rules…” or “Import Rules…”.

Export rules with Denied v1.4.0

After you export your rule sets, you end with with .deniedrules files. You can either go through the menus or just double-click the file to import the rules contained in them. The process could not be more straightforward.

A bunch of .deniedrules files

You can even import multiple sets at once and Denied will ask if you’re absolutely sure. So considerate!

Importing rule sets

I’m a big fan of this feature personally. Stay tuned for more news on cleverly managing rule sets and sharing them with your friends.

Play music from Spotify straight to Sonos

December 2016

I talked about this in the lat post, but the feature has finally been rolled out to all users: you can stream to Sonos directly from the Spotify app!

This is huge for every Sonos owner out there and opens the door for wirelessly streaming songs while still being able to skip songs that you dislike using Denied.