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More Features for Denied

Add songs from the Now Playing info

Denied version 1.2.1 is out today, but last month I shipped a major update that I haven't posted about on here. It introduces awesome new features and a radical new design. Here's a short list:

  • Skipping songs that contain explicit lyrics.
  • Skipping songs that you’ve heard before in the past few hours.
  • Seeing which song is currently playing and..
  • Adding rules straight from the Now Playing information.


  • The rules adding/editing interface has been completely revised.
  • Cool animations have been added.
  • Bugs have been fixed and things tweaked.

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Ready for Yosemite

Apple released OS X version 10.10 yesterday. It's a free update and I think most of you will want to upgrade as soon as you get the chance.

All Danger Cove apps have been tested and work beautifully with OS X Yosemite. So, don't let Denied, Porthole, AirVLC, coucou or Reign hold you back and have fun checking out all new features Apple has added!

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Denied, Skip Terrible Music

The wait is over! No longer do you need to listen to artists you can't stand on Spotify. And even better: you can automatically skip those annoying skits and bonus tracks on otherwise great albums.

Denied for Mac is now available!

Get your copy through the website or the Mac App Store and enjoy Top 40 playlists, the Christmas season and Spotify radio without the songs that you dislike.

Enjoy and let me know what you think on Twitter: @deniedapp.

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Reign in Your Bonjour Bookmarks

A new version of Reign just came out. Yes, really. And it even has a few cool new features (not a new theme though, sorry). I want talk one of them here: having Reign show up in Safari's Bonjour Bookmarks or Favorites.

There's a magic menu in Safari, disabled per default, that will automatically show websites that announce themselves over Bonjour. Bonjour is basically "a group of technologies that includes service discovery, address assignment, and hostname resolution". In short: it will let your Reign server show up in anyone's Safari, without needing to install Reign! Here's how to set it up.

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Use Shazam's Mac App Through Porthole to Match Songs Without Recording Every Sound in the Room

Shazam, the amazing music recognizing service, released a Mac app today. It listens for audio around your Mac and tries to match it to music and tv series. Pretty awesome!

I don't particularly like the idea of having an app listening to every sound in my office/home though. So I did some testing and it seems it selects the default audio device for recording. Normally this is your microphone, which obviously picks up any sound in the room.

If you're streaming to AirPlay speakers with Porthole however, the default recording device is Soundflower. Soundflower only records all the audio that would normally come out of your Mac's speakers. This feels a lot more private and comfortable to me.

Here's how to set it up:

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Porthole Is Now Scriptable

Porthole version 1.7.0 came out two days ago. It introduces scripting, a feature that's been requested more than once.

Being able to use AppleScript to control Porthole means that you can automate and toggle certain functions of Porthole without going through the interface. Which is pretty awesome!

Update to the latest version from within the app, or download a fresh copy from the website. Then read the tutorial on scripting to get started.

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Easily Add Acknowledgments to Your Xcode Projects

When you're working on a iOS or OSX app, you're bound to use a library, framework or other code that was generously shared by other people. The right thing to do (especially when the license requires it!) is to acknowledge that you're using their work in your app.

There are various ways to go about this, but I've just released a script called Acknowledge that will make it very easy. It also works very well with DCOAboutWindow, which I released earlier.

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Grab Content From a Web Browser in Your Mac App

One of my favorite features of Tapetrap is its ability to subscribe to a website while surfing the web with your browser. Instead of looking for the RSS feed manually and copy-pasting the link, you can click a button and Tapetrap will find and add the feed for you. In this article I want to go over why I think that's awesome and how it works. The source code for the URL grabbing is available on GitHub.

Adding feeds from your web browser in Tapetrap

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I Love Watching Web Videos

Online videos are my favorite work break. I might watch an episode of Star Trek TNG during lunch, but I watch far more online videos while I wait for some stuff to compile or just to take my mind off what I'm doing.

Tapetrap makes sure I spend less time searching and more time watching these videos. I use it daily and love how it works. Now I need your help to make it even better.

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Glow for Updates

Everybody knows software updates. A window pops up to notify you an update is available, you accept and a few seconds later you have new features (and less bugs, hopefully).

Automatic software updates are great and generally make everybody's lives better. As a developer I can be sure most of my customers are using the latest version. As a user you press a single button to update, instead of going to the website, downloading a new package and overwriting the previous version.

All Danger Cove apps (except the ones on the App Store) use Sparkle for automatic updates. Sparkle checks a feed every day and lets you know when a new version is available. Getting that feed online is what I want to talk about today.

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Apple released OS X version 10.9 yesterday. It's a free update and I think most of you will want to upgrade as soon as you get the chance.

All Danger Cove apps have been tested and work with OS X Mavericks. So, don't let Porthole, AirVLC, coucou or Reign hold you back and have fun checking out all new features Apple's added!

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Keep Track of Your Web Video Feeds With Tapetrap

If you're anything like me, you spend quite some time reading, listening to and watching various things online. It would be impossible to organize all this information without the use of a few excellent apps, like Reeder for news and Instacast for podcasts.

Web videos are harder to manage. Despite popular believe, not everything is available on YouTube or Vimeo. In need of a dedicated tool to keep up with online videos, no matter where they're hosted, I've made a brand new app!

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It's Danger Cove's Birthday!

I'm writing this from my studio in The Hague. It's been quite an adventure from when Danger Cove started October first 2011. An expedition that delivered four released apps, one in progress (more on that in a future post) and a whole bunch of projects that looked cool at first, but now live in a folder called "shelved" ;).

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Porthole Update v1.4.0

The latest update for Porthole adds a brand new feature. A feature that's been requested quite a few times. Are you ready? This update, adds the option to use your Mac's speakers while streaming via AirPlay! This means that your tunes will come out of your AirPlay speakers and your Mac. All in beautiful sync.

Instead of switching between local playback and AirPlay, now everybody has at least two sets of speakers!

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Broadcast Your Web Project to Safari

If you work on web projects in a team, you're probably familiar with the situation where you want to quickly show your design or progress to a colleague, or test it on another computer. Usually this involves calling the person over or writing down/copying/emailing your IP address of the day.

Or you can use coucou + Safari and be done in a few seconds.

Safari has a special feature called "Bonjour bookmarks" that allows you to list all local web services your bookmarks bar, given that they are broadcasted using Bonjour. Coucou can help you with that last part. The broadcast menu in coucou lets you fire up custom services, like your Rails/MAMP/whatever project.

Start your web project

Start your web project

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Coucou Is Now Available

A little tool that helps us do our jobs more easily. No need to remember/copy-paste ip addresses, just use coucou to connect to your network services.

Are you a web developer? Check out this post about using coucou to streamline local web development.

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Coucou for Web Developers

If you're a web developer you probably recognize that moment where you're running a local development evironment with MAMP/XAMPP, Rails or Node.js and need to see your site on another computer, or show someone else what you're working on. Maybe to do a cross-browser check, maybe just to show how awesome this latest design looks.

This usually involves copy-pasting of ip addresses, emailing and other such nonsense. With coucou this can be done in just a few simple clicks. Let me walk you through it.

First we need to enable broadcasting in the preferences pane.

Enable broadcasting

Now follow these steps:

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Coucou for Easy Network Access

Network devices can broadcast various services, so other devices can find them. You've probably used this feature before without knowing about it. When you start a Screen Sharing session or browse some files on a network your computer picked up on what other computers in your network were broadcasting.

While its already pretty easy to find these services in Finder, wouldn't it be awesome if you could do this from your menu bar? Or connect to web servers, SSH, printers, see who's in and even create your own services? That's when you need coucou!

Coucou is out of your way but easy to reach

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AirTube Is Now Available

"How often do you watch Web Videos on sites like YouTube, Vimeo or TED? Wouldn’t it be awesome to just play those videos on your Apple TV and continue using your Mac?", asking ourselves this question is how we came up with AirTube.

We wanted to make an app that would allow you to stream all those MP4 videos you can find on the web today to your Apple TV. Without needing to go into Apple TV apps or getting your iPhone/iPad, but just from your browser on your Mac. It's so nice to just be able to play that long talk on Vimeo or TED on your Apple TV, by dragging the link onto AirTube.

The link parsing is done by a project called quvi. The Apple TV only works with MP4 streams, so not every site supported by quvi will work with AirTube. We've tested them and added a list of sites that work out of the box here.

The app is now available for a reduced (beta) price!

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Have a Great 2013 Everyone!

Thanks for using our apps and following us in 2012!

Best wishes,

Bjørn & Boy

Danger Cove

Philips Hue & Games

They’re working on an official SDK/API that’ll allow you to make your own apps that can trigger color and intensity alterations. Really looking forward to see games like Amnesia involve Philips Hue in their gameplay. We could do all kinds of cool stuff like lightning, bright interogation rooms, dimming the lights when things get eerie, flickering you name it.

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Launch at Login for Sandboxed Apps

"Launch at Login" was quite simple to implement. It even fits in a single gist: Sandboxing changed this and made it "little" more troublesome.

Tim Schröder wrote a great article about this, that combines very well with Alex Zielenski’s StartAtLoginController GitHub project into a Helper Project that’ll allow you to easily add “Launch at login” to multiple Apps.

Tim’s example uses hardcoded information to launch the main App from the Helper App and toggle Launch at Login. Which makes it super easy to understand, but less flexible to use in multiple projects. That’s where Alex’ Controller comes in. It’ll allow you to add the Helper Project to your main Project, add a new target, drag it your main app’s “Copy Files” build phase and be done with it.

This stackoverflow post links to a demo project that has most of the code in place, but doesn’t use Tim’s pretty Workspace method of setting things up. I mixed them together and made a new GitHub project that should help you setup your project pretty quickly.

Check out the source:

Oddities and things you should know:

This will only work if your .app is in /Applications or ~/Applications, making it harder to debug.

Manually running the Helper App from the main App’s Contents folder will sometimes not launch the main app if ‘Launch at Startup’ hasn’t been activated for your app. So first run the app, check the checkbox and try again.

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