Stay focused and feel more comfortable working remotely

March 2020

The COVID-19 Corona outbreak has many of us working from home. It could be the first time you sit down at the kitchen table with a laptop. Maybe you’ve doing it for years.

In either case, I’ve made an app called Timeless that will make the experience even more comfortable – or bearable if you prefer the office.

Working remotely comes with unique challenges, among which distraction and procrastination. For me personally, the clock plays an important part in this.

Tell me if these sound familiar:

  • 10.00 “Only 10 am?? It feels like I’ve been doing nothing.”
  • 11.30 “Better not start something new, it’ll be lunch soon.”
  • 14.00 “Sheesh this day is never going to end…”
  • 16.00 “It’s already 4 pm?? I did nothing today and it’s too late to start now.”

These moments will cause distraction, make me anxious or I’ll start procrastinating.

I made Timeless to fix this. It hides the exact time and shows customizable ranges instead. You lose the feeling of dread some hours on the clock might give you, while keeping a sense of time passing.

A screenshot of Timeless' indicator in the menu bar

The key is stopping the clock. Not knowing whether it’s 11:00 or 11:45 will keep you from losing focus and stopping early just because lunch is around the corner. This doesn’t mean you have to work more, or longer. It’s about working more effectively. You could even alternate between work and leisure ranges. Don’t worry too much about starting a range exactly when you switch to it.

To give you an idea, this is how I setup my ranges:

  • 08:30-12:00 “Morning work: email, stats, decide out what I’ll do today.”
  • 12:00-13:30 “Lunch”
  • 13.30-15:30 “More work. Actually get stuff done.”
  • 15:30-18:00 “Keep working and maybe run an errand or two.”
  • 18:00-22:00 “Make diner and finish up stuff.”

A screenshot of the preferences window showing my ranges

I don’t drop everything when a new range starts, instead it’s a hint that I might have to change what I’m doing. That’s why I have a 1.5 hour lunch range. I aim to get a sandwich anywhere in those one and a half hours. Some days it’s 12:01, others 13:20. 🥪

The best part is not being dictated by the minute on the clock. If I need to be somewhere, or have a meeting I set reminders and calendar appointments. The trick there is to set alerts appropriately; by taking into account the time I need to switch tasks.

If I got you excited, give Timeless a go by downloading the free version. Let me know what you think. And stay safe!

New features for Timeless!

February 2020

A new version of Timeless came out this Friday! Besides a whole bunch of under-the-hood tweaks and improvements it introduces two new features that were requested by a few of you.

I’ve also switched to a more liberal versioning system. This is update came out in 2020 (2020.3) and it’s update number three (2020.3) this year. In a more traditional versioning system I might’ve called this is 1.5 or even 2.0 release. 🚀

New features

Let’s start with the new features. They were both requested several times and I think they’re great additions.

Both are premium features that will be unlocked when you buy a license for Timeless.

Connect the last and first time entry

A screenshot of the indicator preferences screen of Timeless

This is a feature for night owls. Previously Timeless would create a range up to the last time entry, then turn idle until the first time entry the next morning. This won’t do if you’re getting something done between 10 PM and 3 AM. I’m excited to say that with version 2020.3 you can choose to bridge the gap between two consecutive, enabled days.

Simply enable the feature in the indicator preferences. That’s it. ✓

Customize the optional clock’s date components

A screenshot of the indicator preferences screen of Timeless

Originally Timeless would always show the current day and time when the indicator is idle. If it’s Friday at 20:15, it would say “Mon 20:15”. The new default is to just show the time, clean and simple “20:15”. You can optionally add the current day and even display the full date “Mon 17 Feb 20:15”, exactly like macOS allows you to do.

All date and time formats are of course displayed according to your current locale. 🌐


  • The optional clock now has its own preference pane.
  • Toggling a premium feature shows the registration window as a convenient sheet.
  • A single internal timer makes sure all events happen at the right time.
  • Toggling weekdays is now a premium feature. If you were using the free version, your current settings are preserved.


  • The alignment of the time in the menu bar has been fixed for macOS 10.15.
  • Lots of under the hood changes and improvements regarding the internal clock handling UI updates, waking from sleep etc.

That’s it. A lot has changed in this release. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, click the ‘Timeless Help’ item and let me know.

Enjoy the update! 🙂

Denied v1.7.1

January 2020

Denied version 1.7.1 should resolve an issue that caused Denied to show a ‘validations error’ on exit. 🐞

You can get it from the App Store!

Launching Timeless

January 2020

Timeless logo

The start of the new year is a great time to begin reducing stress and consider potential distractions. That’s why I’m delighted to announce I’m launching my time anxiety reducing Mac app called Timeless today!

Timeless replaces the standard clock with a more subtle time indicator. It’s been tested for months, got encouraging comments on Reddit and the beta was even featured in FastCompany’s ‘best new apps of 2019’.

The clock can be a distraction for me. It imposes stress and distracts me while I try to get work done and sometimes even when I’m trying to relax.

If you’re anything like me, these will sound familiar:

  • 10.00 “Only 10 am?? It feels like I’ve been doing nothing.”
  • 11.30 “Better not start something new, it’ll be lunch soon.”
  • 14.00 “Sheesh this day is never going to end…”
  • 16.00 “It’s already 4 pm?? I did nothing today and it’s too late to start now.”

A screenshot of Timeless' menu bar icon

Timeless been in my menu bar since I created the first, rough version and I can’t imagine not using it anymore.

Get Timeless! (12.9 MB)

Used in conjunction with reminders and my calendar, it keeps me from glancing at the clock whenever I’m at my Mac. For me, that’s a huge stress reducer and I’d love to know if it works for you too. 😊

Photo by Filip Zrnzević on Unsplash

Post-DevMate updates

December 2019

With DevMate sunsetting in little over a week I’ve issued an update for every app that included the DevMate SDK.

🎧 Relax 1.2

Besides removing the DevMate SDK I’ve also included support for pausing in macOS Catalina. 👌

You’ll notice that I’ve updated the App Store screenshots as well. I liked the eye piercing background color of the original images, but I think this is a little more appealing. 😅

New Relax App Store screenshot After

New Relax App Store screenshot Before

📹 Pipvid 2.0.1

Like Timeless this updates switches the update mechanism from the DevMate SDK to just Sparkle’s update mechanism. Updates are hosted at Microsoft’s AppCenter, for now.

🕔 Timeless 0.9.8

This is getting very close to its initial 1.0 release!

🎨 Carbonize 1.2.9

I’ve included an Internet Access Policy to every app that accesses remote resources. With an IAP apps like Little Snitch can display a meaningful message when asking you to allow or block an app’s request to fetch an online resource.

Carbonize benefits from this because it requires access to The message that a firewall like Little Snitch displays reflects that now.